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Working Alone



Quick N Quality Oilfield LTD have employees who need to work alone. A system must be in place to ensure the safety and well being of these employees.

This does not mean that every work situation requires two or more employees.

Employees can work alone without risk to themselves or others.

A hazard assessment must be done for each situation where employees are required to work alone and appropriate measures developed and followed to monitor the employees well being.


Effective means of communicationRadio, telephone, or other electronic communication device.

Working Alone: An employee is considered to be working alone if the employee works alone at a work site in circumstances where assistance is not readily available when needed.


* Existing or potential hazards arising from the conditions and circumstances of the employee’s work must be identified.

* The identified hazards must be eliminated or controlled.

* Employees must be made aware of the hazards and the control methods.

* If practicable, the employee who is required to work alone should participate in the hazard assessment and the identification of the control or elimination methods.

* The hazard assessment must be in writing and communicated to all employees affected by the assessment.


* An effective means of communication must be established between the employee who is required to work alone and persons capable of responding to the employee’s needs.

* If an effective means of communication is not practicable, then the employee must be visited by another employee. The frequency of the visit(s) is directly proportional to the hazards of the work and experience of the employee. For instance, an employee working inside a high atmospheric hazard confined space must have another employee present, but a mobile equipment operator does not have to have another employee present. Someone must check periodically with the operator.


The checklists on the following pages will assist the operations and facilities with conducting a hazard assessment for their employees:

  • Checklist for Employees Who Meet Clients Away From Their Base Office
  • Checklist for Employees Who Perform Hazardous Work
  • Checklist for Employees Who Travel Alone

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