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Alcohol and Drug Policy

Quick N Quality Oilfield is committed to provide and maintain Safe and healthy working conditions to its employees and its subcontractors.

Considering the effect on people physical and mental capabilities, Quick N Quality Oilfield believes that the consumption of alcohol and misuse of drugs or similar substances is not compatible with a safe and effective work environment and cannot be tolerated.

General requirements

The following requirements apply to all Quick N Quality Oilfield employees and subcontractors:

  The consumption, possession or distribution of alcohol, drugs or other substances is prohibited in premises and during operations conducted, supervised or contracted by Quick N Quality Oilfield

  Access to premises and operations is prohibited to people under or suspected to be under alcohol and drugs influence

  In accordance with local regulations and contractual employment terms, the company

shall conduct, or request to competent authority, alcohol and drug testing, at work location. This testing might be done in random basis and systematically following any incident case.

Our commitment

Quick N Quality Oilfield in order to prevent the abuse of alcohol and drugs in its operations will:

  Inform all employees, subcontractors and visitors about Quick N Quality Oilfield alcohol and drugs abuse Policy, through adapted process (policy distribution, safety induction sessions, tool box meeting...).

  Induct employees and subcontractors on alcohol and drugs abuse dangers at workplace and disciplinary actions related.

  Give supervisor authority to bare and to report anyone known or suspected to be under alcohol or drugs influence.

  Inform the employees of their responsibility  to report any use of prescribed medication that may affect their ability.

I acknowledge that I have received the Quick N Quality Oilfield LTD Alcohol & Drugs Abuse Policy and agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained therein.

I acknowledge, understand and agree that I may, as a condition of employment, satisfactorily complete a breath test to determine the presence of Alcohol.

I may also have to undertake a urine drug test to determine the presence of Drugs.

I also understand that these tests will be carried out during the probation period and can be done randomly during the period of employment.

I understand that employees found in violation of this policy and related procedure are subject to immediate discharge.

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