Reportable Incidents


The purpose of this procedure/guideline is to outline the requirements, methods and outcomes of reporting all occupational diseases, illnesses and incidents.

  • There are also events that must be reported to Alberta OHS, events include:  

  • results in a death
  • results in a worker admitted to hospital 
  • involves an unplanned or uncontrolled explosion, fire or flood that causes or may cause a serious injury
  • involves the collapse or upset of a crane or hoist
  • involves the collapse or failure of any component of a building or structure
  • OHS ACT -Section 18 Serious injuries and accidents

There are also events that must be reported to Alberta WCB, events include:

If A worker has been injured, Employer is required by law to submit the employer report of injury form within 72 hours after becoming aware of an injury or illness. The sooner WCB receives  information, the faster WCB can determine entitlement for  worker to benefits and services.

Employers need to submit a report to WCB if the accident results in, or is likely to result in:

  • lost time or the need to temporarily or permanently modify work beyond the date of accident,
  • death or permanent disability (amputation, hearing loss, etc.),
  • a disabling or potentially disabling condition caused by occupational exposure or activity (poisoning, infection, respiratory disease, dermatitis, etc.),
  • the need for medical treatment beyond first aid (assessment by physician, physiotherapy, chiropractic, etc.) or
  • incurring medical aid expenses (dental treatment, eyeglass repair or replacement, prescription medications, etc.).

WCB Reporting

Employers who fail to report an accident in accordance with s.33 of the WCA may be penalized in accordance with s.152.1 of the WCA. If WCB does not receive the required information from the employer, it may investigate the accident and charge the offending employer with the costs of the investigation.

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