Workplace Inspection Policy


Policy Statement

Quick N Quality will conduct regular documented workplace inspections for the purpose of identifying and correcting unsafe conditions and behaviour. The inspections will cover premises, job sites, buildings, temporary structures, excavations, tools, equipment, machinery and work methods and practices. The sites safety inspection form is to be used as a guideline since specific sites may have unique situations and potential hazards that may not be covered by this list.

Site Health and Safety Inspections 

Planned inspections will occur on a regular basis on project sites and company premises. Supervisors representing the general contractor and/or sub-contractors and the health and safety representative will be involved in workplace inspections. Managers, supervisors and workers are required to participate in inspections. 

All health and safety inspection action item reports must be reviewed during toolbox safety talks and management meetings. All completed health and safety inspection reports will be evaluated and monitored by project management and the health and safety representative and filed with the health and safety documentation.


  1. Review previous inspection records and note any commonly reported hazards.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the type of workplace and unique hazards.
  3. Use your eyes, ears and other senses to identify actual or potential problems as you go about your inspection. Record the hazards on the Site Safety Inspection Form.
  4. When unsafe conditions are noted requiring immediate action, correct the situation immediately.
  5. Look for basic causes of sub-standard conditions, practices and procedures.
  6. Keep a copy of the inspection form on the project.
  7. Review items with the Health and Safety representative and during toolbox talks and management meetings.

Follow-Up Actions to Health and Safety Inspections

  • Where unsafe conditions, practices or procedures are noted:
  • Take action immediately to rectify the problem if possible.
  • Place warning signs and barricades to keep workers away. Use verbal warnings if applicable.
  • Notify management to rectify conditions, record conditions, actions taken and the date on the inspection form.
  • Record and complete the site health and safety inspection form and file it with safety documentation.

When a worker is noted performing an unsafe act, advise as follows:

  • Inform him/her of the unsafe situation
  • Discuss the unsafe condition with him/her
  • Advise on how to correct the unsafe condition
  • Re-visit the area to ensure the safe practice is being followed
  • Discuss with the supervisorPaul Wurz signature

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